Self-Directed Support (North Lanarkshire)

Self-Directed Support (SDS) gives people choice and control over the way their support is designed and delivered. By acknowledging that people are the real “experts” in their own life, SDS encourages people to think about how their lives might get better, and the role support might play in making this happen.

The Scottish Government recently granted funding to North Lanarkshire Advocacy to help adults at any stage of their SDS journey. Our SDS team can:

– support people to prepare for and contribute to an SDS assessment

– talk to people about what is important to them and what they want to achieve

– give people information about the different options for planning and managing support available through SDS

– help people come up with ideas about creative ways to use their Individual Budget.

We are independent of all other agencies (Social Work, NHS, support providers etc.) and can come in at any stage of the SDS process. North Lanarkshire Advocacy has an open referral policy and can work with adults aged 18 – 64 in any part of North Lanarkshire.

Contact us on 01698 358245 or via

Roddy and Lorna, the SDS team at North Lanarkshire Advocacy