The CLan Collective Advocacy Group


The CLan (“Collective Lanarkshire”) is a group for adults living in North Lanarkshire who are affected by learning disabilities or difficulties.

Following Government and NHS Scotland guidance, all CLan meetings have been suspended.

Contact can still be made with Bob Bogle, CLan Facilitator:              07707 503776

The CLan meet together every month and speak with one voice so that they are louder and other people will listen to what they have to say.

The CLan talk about things that are important to them and affect their lives.   They also campaign on those issues to try to make their lives better as well as the lives of others.

Currently, the CLan are campaigning on road safety across North Lanarkshire because they are all personally affected by the potential danger crossing busy roads.

The Clan was invited by Clare Adamson Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Motherwell & Wishaw to present their concerns at the Scottish Parliament to the Cross Party Group on Accident Prevention and Safety Awareness on 5th February 2020.   Clare said:

“It was an absolute pleasure having the CLan in the Scottish Parliament.  We were well warned that they planned to take over!  The group’s members were incredibly engaging and it is hard not to be moved by their campaign.

“Everyone at our CPG was touched by John’s presentation.  What they are asking for is actually fairly simple – adequate provision of safe crossings and more consideration from drivers – but we heard of the consequences when these basic safety provisions are neglected. 

“Even when the members are careful crossing roads and even when they are with their support workers, all it takes is for a driver to be distracted, a car going too fast or lack of safe crossings for a tragedy to strike.

“I would like to extend my support to the CLan’s campaign work and urge engagement with the group from North Lanarkshire council.  It could save a life.”

Below are some of the photographs of the CLan’s visit which included an interactive workshop on how we are all represented by MSPs and how the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament works.

Click here for the Press Release for the event.

Click here for the text of the CLan presentation delivered to MSPs by CLan member John Johnstone.

Click here for the exciting short film about the CLan’s time at the Scottish Parliament.

If you want to know about the CLan, please contact Bob Bogle of North Lanarkshire Advocacy who facilitates the group:        01698 358245       07707 503776