Volunteer with us

North Lanarkshire Advocacy is currently recruiting new Volunteer Advocates with an opportunity to join the next initial preparation course coming up soon.

A Volunteer Advocate supports an Advocacy Partner and helps them express their wishes and views on issues that affect them, e.g. support provision, health care, housing, meetings with agencies such as Social Work.   The volunteer will be carefully matched with the person they are helping and our experience has shown that a long term supportive relationship will very often develop, the Volunteer Advocate sometimes becoming the key trusted supporter in that person’s life.

All volunteers participate in a 15 hour initial preparation course and enjoy ongoing support and developmental opportunities.   Because of the nature of those we support, all Volunteer Advocates are required to join the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme, and we will will facilitate this for the volunteer.   All training, support and PVG membership is free for the volunteer and expenses can be covered where appropriate.

You don’t have to possess previous experience in this field or any academic qualifications – a willingness to speak out for someone, understanding, commitment, a sense of justice – and a sense of humour – are all great qualities for a potential Volunteer Advocate.

The reward is knowing that are you able to help someone change their life for the better – and change your own life too.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Volunteer Advocate please fill in the enquiry form or contact:

Bob Bogle – Volunteering & Involvement Co-ordinator

Office:   01698 358245       Mobile:   07707 503776      Email:  bob@equalsay.org